* Internal or External Meeting Organizations
* Brand / Product Launch
* Education / Term Meetings
* Internal Communication / Management / Staff Meetings
* Social responsibility projects
* Domestic / International Fair Organizations
* Congresses and Conferences
* Retail Chain Activities / Roadshow
* Press Meetings
* Gala / Award Ceremonies
* Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day, Christmas etc. Special days
* Special Production / Printed All Textile Products
* All Event Promotion Products
* Offset / Digital Printed Products
* Stage Decoration Applications
* Private Catering Services
* Technical and Production Services
* Professional Photo, Video Shooting
* Decor and Product Rental Services
Brands, event companies and communication agencies; We develop ideas and offer solutions to meet the needs of the sector in their desired goals, profiles, deadlines and costs in the optimum level for their independent, internal and / or external customers.